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Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing Place offers the industry's most exceptional digitizing service for embroidery and vector conversion. We extend our services to you at the lowest prices and quickest turnaround time with the guaranteed highest quality.

From lettering and logos to 3D effect designs and vector art conversion, our custom digitizing embroidery services help you achieve your desired digitized embroidery design with exceptional results. Our highly skillful embroidery digitizers enable you to digitalize your artwork for an embroidery machine in DST, EXP, EMB, CND, DSZ, DSB, KSM, XXX, T01, T03, T04, T05, T09, TAP, EMT, SEW, HUS, JEF, PCS, PCD, PES, PEC, CSD and PCQ formats. You can adjust the size of your artwork without worrying about the image being distorted.

By utilizing the latest technology and software accompanied by expertly qualified digitizers, we can ensure outstanding results to our customers.

Our service maximizes your efficiency by providing you with the most excellent work in the shortest amount of time at the lowest prices.

Left breast digitization includes logos or any other designs/ lettering on shirt, t-shirts, and jackets.

We can help you digitize your business logos or any other regular designs. Left crest digitizing is one of the many options offered through our service.

Left chest digitizing can prove useful for displaying brand names/ logos or names of staff members for identification.

Modern fashion trends offer shirt sleeves as another place for the placement of brand names and logos. Having these brand names/ logos embroidered creates a lasting impression.

There are endless possibilities for the jacket back digitizing due to the amount of available space. Whether it's a league name, team logo, or any other artwork, you can get it done by our experts who know the different types of fabrics and their intricacies.

We deliver flawless results of even the most intricate designs or any kind of fabric. The range and capacity of our services cover all fronts.

Our experts have extensive knowledge about the different kinds of fabric and would be able to guide you on how to achieve your desired digitization.

Pocket embroidery is the new trend for business uniforms. Our highly experienced digitizers make it easy for you to create even the most complicated designs with perfect accuracy.

Towel punch embroidery may be useful to towel brands, hotels, and spas for putting their initials or logos. We can help you digitize your desired embroidery design flawlessly.

Our experienced team makes it possible for you to digitize embroidery patterns, logos, and lettering for gloves of different fabrics.

Embroidered napkins are needed everywhere, from casinos and bars to hospitals and hotels. The delicate material and small size of napkins make embroidery rather tricky, but our skilled digitizers help you digitize your artwork with precision for flawless results at the lowest prices.

We offer to digitize artwork even for badges at a low price point with the fastest delivery time.

Visor embroidery digitization proves challenging for most digitizers as the placement and positioning are difficult due to limited space. Our team is experienced in successfully creating perfect visor embroidery punches, unlike other services.

Our team members have years of experience in puff digitizing. We utilize the latest technology equipment to digitize your artwork meticulously and deliver files ready for production.

We value our customers’ trust in us and hence deliver only the best results. We can convert any artwork/ logo designs to highly qualitative machine ready files in the quickest time.Read More

Patch embroidery may well be the most common form of embroidery, but an expert's input can take your digitized artwork to a whole new level.

Your artwork can be digitized applique embroidery punch files that can be stitched with easy, whether or not it’s a commercial project.

We have not received a single complaint against our Monogramming and Letter embroidery digitizing services in all our years of establishment.

We provide our customers with the highest quality digitized artwork for embroidery. At Digitizing Place, we do not believe in automated shortcuts, and hence all our work is done manually to provide you with excellent services at the lowest prices. Our Custom embroidery digitizing service gives you more control as it allows you to create any kind of artwork without any restrictions.

Pattern Digitizing may be reasonably simple, but even a minor error can be very costly. We, unlike other embroidery-design digitizing service agencies, provide impeccable punch patterns for your shirts, dresses, etc.

What makes us different?

Giving you the best value and most efficient results. Our designs are made to minimize thread changes, run smoothly on your machine, and produce crisp looking designs.


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Vector Services

Digitalizing Place allows you to convert your artwork into vector art without compromising the design. The use of vector art is growing exponentially because of its numerous benefits, which include exceptional quality and scalability.

Images that are in the bitmap, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, or PDF formats, are challenging to manipulate, so they are converted to preferred vectors for branding material. This is due to the fact that vectors can easily be scaled without the image being distorted.

Raster art consists of pixels that distort the image if resized, whereas a vector image maintains its crispiness allowing easy manipulation to the desired size. Our team of creative, skilled professionals can convert even the most complex raster images to vector successfully.

Vectorizing is the process of converting a raster image to a vector making it more flexible. The advertisement industry demands graphic designers to convert raster images to Vectors so they can be easily resized. Vector images can be shrunk or enlarged to preference.

Digitizing Place prioritizes its customers. The added convenience of availing our services is the free embroidery digitizing service offered to our customers for any correctional or additional edits.

We create Vector Art on Illustrator on Adobe or Corel Draw, which are both computer programs that are regularly updated. This process enables us to use the latest technology tools, which, in turn, benefit our customers.

For commercial use, vector images are preferred as they are far more flexible (scalable) than raster images. Raster image quality tends to get easily compromised if you attempt to adjust the size.

Raster images cannot be converted to Vectors automatically through some software. Each raster image is traced manually by graphic designers and industry experts.


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Phenomenal work!! triumphingnoob
I was really surprised.. He is REALLY professional and did a great great great job where you would normally pay in western countries more than 100-200€. thank you! hakeemmassiv
very good work and very fast. i would recommend this seller to all my friends bishop2469

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